Yoda Christmas Sweater

Yoda Christmas Sweater


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Christmas sweaters are an excellent way to celebrate the holiday season. Today, more and more people are buying Christmas sweaters due to the popularity of awesome Christmas sweater parties. And when it comes to ugly creatures imprinted on Christmas sweaters, there are few things uglier than a green Jedi named Yoda.

Sorry, Yoda fans, but this awesome Christmas sweater takes the cake. A sweater with a simple picture of Yoda would have been ugly enough, but Yoda in a Santa suit? That’s on a whole new level of ugly. Your sweater is sure to be a hit at whatever type of party you’re attending. If it’s casual Friday, you could even wear it to work.

This Yoda Christmas sweater comes in a solid green color and features a short green Jedi draped in an oversized Santa outfit. Yoda is depicted with his trademark cane and has a non-trademark bag full of gifts slung over his shoulder. If you threw Star Wars and awesome Christmas sweaters into a blender, this is probably what would come out.

Why buy a Yoda Christmas sweater?

Yoda Christmas sweaters are appropriate for any type of awesome Christmas sweater, family gathering, or workplace event. Here are a few more reasons to buy a Yoda Christmas sweater:

Most people have seen Star Wars: If you haven’t seen at least one episode of Star Wars, then you’re either too young to be going to awesome Christmas sweater parties or you missed out on a lot of good movies. Star Wars is one of the world’s most well-known movie series for a reason – it’s a pretty amazing bunch of movies. Yoda only starred in five out of the six existing Star Wars movies, but that should be enough for everybody to know what your sweater is about.

It’s easy to understand: It’s Yoda, one of the galaxy’s most powerful Jedi knights, dressed in Santa Claus’s costume. Anybody who has seen Star Wars will understand your costume. Unlike other awesome Christmas sweaters, there’s no niche joke here that people have to think about in order to understand.

People will want pictures: The best part about a Christmas sweater that is ugly and funny at the same time is that people will love taking pictures of you in it. It’s a joke. People want to share that joke with their friends. Oh my god, can you believe what this guy wore? Quick, let me get a picture.

It’s topical: The next Star Wars movie is scheduled for release in 2015. What better way to get people excited for that movie than with a little Christmas-themed Yoda? If you take lots of pictures, people will still remember your costume by 2015, won’t they? Disney should be paying you for all the free promotional work you’re going to do.

It’s ugly: The most important quality when buying an awesome Christmas sweater is to look at its ugliness. Just how ugly is this sweater? Well, it features the traditional Christmas colors of red and green, but other than that, this is a very ugly sweater. It has a huge graphic directly on the front that absolutely refuses to be ignored.

But not too ugly: There’s a certain classy ugliness about this sweater that prevents it from becoming too ugly. Perhaps it’s the traditional Christmas color scheme. Or maybe it’s the lack of striped colors and weird symbols. Whatever the reason, this is an awesome Christmas sweater that will look good on you while being ugly at the same time.

Reasons not to buy a Yoda Christmas sweater

There aren’t many good reasons not to buy a Yoda Christmas sweater. If you’ve read this far, I would imagine you’re doing more research than most people when they purchase a Yoda Christmas sweater.

Still on the fence? Here are some reasons why you might not want to buy a Yoda Christmas sweater:

You don’t like Star Wars: Why wear a symbol of something you hate for the whole night?

You don’t like Yoda: Wow, that was so brave of you to run away from your problems and hide on a deserted swamp planet for the rest of your years, wasn’t it, Yoda?

You’re not going to an ugly sweater party: If you’re going to a formal Christmas party, this isn’t the sweater for you.

Becoming a Jedi isn’t easy. With the Yoda Christmas sweater, you’re not going to become a Jedi, but you might feel like one thanks to all the drinks people are going to give you when they see your awesome Christmas sweater. Buy your Yoda Christmas sweater today and embrace this beautiful collision of ugliness and nerdiness.



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November 12, 2013