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I’ve recently borrowed a Nintento Wii from a good friend of mine and it renewed my love for the Nintendo company. The games are entirely wholesome and fun, with characters suitable for all ages and audiences. One thing I truly think sets Nintendo apart from the rest is the fact that gamers of all ages can find common ground during the simple gameplay and have a great time. You don’t need to remember special commands for a dozen buttons on your controller with Nintendo; instead gameplay is instinctive and wildly entertaining.

I remember being a young boy and was absolutely thrilled when my parents took me down to Future Shop on boxing day to get our very first Nintendo entertainment system. My dad plugged it in to our classic RCA television and fired it up. I’ve never been so entertained in my life. You see, we never had an Atari or anything like that; we went straight to the Nintendo for our first video game experiences.

And now that I’m a little more grown up bringing my mind back to these simple and enjoyable times is a special treat. Alas, I’ve decided to create the vintage Nintendo ugly Christmas Sweater vest. This tacky light up Christmas vest is a tribute to the Nintendo company itself, in particular to the classic Nintendo entertainment system we all grew up with.

Let’s take a more in depth look at the light up Christmas sweater vest itself. We’ve got an array of vintage Nintendo games and a wild assortment of LED lights (20 in total) that are 50% white and 50% multi-coloured. I’ve attached special molded snowflake tips to the lights to enhance the effect and help fill out the sweater.

Along the center we will see a red and green checkered pattern with an assortment of games along the front. Starting from the left we have Abodox, Bionic Commando, Popeye and Super Mario Wrecking crew. There is a row of golden beads beneath to add a special cheesy effect to the sweater.

South of the golden beads we will find an assortment of sparkly snowflakes in different sizes. There are also plastic threaded ones and super small silver flakes to fill out the space. There is a stream of golden angels flowing down from the top towards the Nintendo logo at the bottom of the vest. There are also a bunch of white LED lights with snowflakes on them that add a nice effect in dim lighting.

Above game cartridges we’ll find a large print of the Nintendo logo with a screenshot background. Christmas trees have been turned sideways and act as the front and back of the Nintendo shuttle sliding down the bank of games. There is a multi-coloured LED accent set around the logo and the trees above as well. We also see a screenshot of the original Mario game on the top left shoulder which is juxtaposed by another Nintendo logo on the right. There is a nice assortment of silver stars and small green Christmas trees on the upper portion of the vest.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this piece and feel motivated to share it with your friends and families this holiday season.

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