Ugly Blue Reindeer

Ugly Blue Reindeer


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Act fast on this one. They’re low stock and free shipping to Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom! For only $42.00 you’ll get this festive beauty delivered right to your door just in time for the holiday season. We love this sweater because it is bright, festive, and even has our reindeer buddies on the front and back.

Taking a closer look, we’ll start at the top. There is a rich red collar juxtaposed by a dark blue top. There are two funny reindeer facing away from each other on the front, stage left and right. These reindeer are particularly funny because the designer hasn’t put much time in to making them too accurate. They are more like stick reindeer. Each has a front leg angled forward in a marching position instead of the more common prancing position that we see quite often in reindeer sweaters.

The colour scheme in this holiday cardigan is absolutely hideous and ugly. The first band beneath the two reindeer is a dark brown with some clashing red diamonds on the inside. Sandwiched between another blue row with white diamonds is a disgusting gold design with some circular patterns and random white X’s inside. There are also some strange white hooks above and beneath is that hold it in to the bands.

Further down we see a white picket border surrounding some more brown with some additional ugly white triangles. The design also spans out to the sleeves on this unit. What I consider to be the second ugliest thing on this sweater is the very bottom portion. It is the same rich red color as the top neck border and contains an assortment of additional red diamonds.

This is kind of sweater that just screams “UGLY”. The vivid colours offer a clash that you won’t likely find anywhere else. While most sweaters these days have some sort of theme, this one is totally abstract and all over the place.

The sizing on this sweater is somewhat unique, it’s a “one size fits most” style. This is also know as “free styling”. Don’t be afraid of it, I’ve worn them before and I’m 6ft 1inch. It fit just fine. The knitted fabric that is used by the manufacturer actually shapes to your body and fits the sweater just for you. This is a totally new trend in fashion that helps reduce the manufacturing cost and overhead; allowing for a lower cost item for you. That’s why this item is offered with free shipping to your door for a measly $42.00!

Ugly Blue Reindeer Christmas Sweater Front and Back


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October 23, 2012