Today I am looking at three different Christmas sweaters. The first Christmas sweater is black felt it is a men’s size medium and it has Santa Claus on top of the snow-covered roof. He is beside a snow-covered tree and a wreath with a red bow on top. On his back you can see he’s got a bag full of toys for all the good girls and boys in these trying to fit his fat belly into the snow-covered chimney that rests atop the roof.

The next letter I have is a men’s size medium there is a bell on the zipper and it’s a cardigan that goes right from the top to the bottom is also a red stripe around the caller I see six etched in snowflakes and three snowmen. The first snowman on left has a blue hat and blue mittens and a nice big smile to go along with this Christmas theme. The second snowman has a black cat with holly and read gems protruding from his red scarf. The last snowman on the right has the entire right side of the sweater all to himself he has a multi-shaded green scarf and red mittens with two Christmas trees featuring golden stars on the side. This is a true must-have for the next Christmas sweater party.

Last Christmas sweater I have in front of me is a knit wool reindeer design. There are five large red buttons along the center, along with a nice oversized hoodie that has reindeer going all around it. Reindeer go through the front and the back of this vintage holiday sweater and there are snowflake designs and white X. What I particularly enjoy about this design is how horribly the reindeer antlers are; I would say they look more like war Cavaliers.

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