Naughty Christmas Sweaters

Feeling naughty this holiday season? We've got an abundance of sexy, naughty and just plain inappropriate Christmas sweaters available for those destined to be receiving a lump of coal in their stockings. Fortunately we live in an age where its now acceptable to wear rude & inappropriate holiday attire broadcasting humping reindeer, aroused snowman and even urinating Santa clauses. These sweaters are sure-fire hits at any Christmas party, well, maybe not the corporate one... especially if you're still looking for that promotions or the occasional weekend off next year. Either way, naughty wearers make an absolute bang by sporting these rude Christmas sweaters to parties or even around town for no reason other than to get shock and awe from bystanders falling victim to their inappropriate themes.

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You'll see in the video below just how easy it is to add lights to any Festified brand Christmas sweater. We've used the Reindeer Threesome as an example, but the same procedure applies to any of Festified's knit varieties of naughty christmas sweaters. Be sure you're dedicated though! if you poke holes in your naughty christmas sweater you certainly wont be able to return or exchange it!

Red Tip Rudolph Christmas Sweater

Rudolph the Red Tip Reindeer

No, your not imagining it. That is in fact never before seen footage our innocent and beloved Rudolph wanting to ride more than a sleigh. Come on Rudolph, keep it in your pants!

Humping Reindeer Sweaters

This is a complete reindeer swingers party. There are four monting eachother along the front, four more on the back, and two reindeer on the sleeves for good measure. Is that start in the middle a camera flash? That's up to you.

National Lampoons "Shitter was Full" Christmas Sweater

Now you can commemorate that classic part of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation where cousin Eddy was pumping his RV's septic tank in to a storm drain. Spoiler alert... It ends badly.

Light Up Naughty Christmas Sweater

Here's an example of how you can easily poke lights through any knitted Christmas sweater. Naughty or not, all you need is a strand of lights and paper clips to add even more flare to your tacky Christmas sweater. Visit our DIY and How To section to learn more about making your own Christmas sweater at home.

Frosty The Nose Thief

Frosty The Nose Thief

This was an instant classic when Tipsy Elves released it last year. Two snowmen are sitting accross from one another. One has a nose, and one doesnt. Where did that nose go? Take a look south an you'll see the naughty snowman wanting to poke a new coal hole below the belt of his unsuspecting victim.

Excited Snowman Christmas Sweater

At first glance this is a little less intense than Frosty the Nose thief is the Excited Snowman Christmas sweater by Festified. When you look a little closer, you'll notice that not only does this snowman have a suggestive carrot placement, he's also got a couple extra coal balls that you wouldn't see in your average festive scene.

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Christmas sweaters are not a new thing. They have been around for years now and families have been getting immense enjoyment out of them. They can be funny or cheesy, cute or weird, it doesn’t matter. All in all, they are invented to make you look silly and make it look like you are in the mood for some Christmas cheer. However, naughty Christmas sweaters refer to sweaters that are not fun for all the family. What I mean by this is that they are either far too revealing to show to your Grandmother or have jokes far too crude to show your little children. Either way, these sweaters still sell quite a great deal.

Anyone who said that a sweater cannot be sexy is very very wrong and if they had seen some of these naughty Christmas sweaters, they would know that for themselves. While Christmas is usually spent with family and friends, exchanging gifts for turkey dinners, a lot of the younger generation wish to spend their time with a different kind of loved one. Some of the time, this will involve the same old Christmas things- eating turkey and cuddling by the fire while it snows outside. However, this will not always be the case. Lovers do and lovers must and sometimes people need something Christmas like to work with during the season. Naughty Christmas sweaters can be used for these purposes as there are ones that accent the female body to perfection and would have anyone drooling. There are many of these to choose from and while some of them might not keep you warm on a cold Christmas evening, they will work just fine for what they are actually used for.

The other kind of sweater that might be referred to as a naughty Christmas sweater is the infamous pub one. You see, there are a lot of dirty jokes centred on Christmas and more often than not they will end up as some sort of cheesy sweater slogan to be sold around the holiday times. However, these sweaters are not really appropriate for a nice family dinner during the festivities and are far more suited for a giggle with the lads. Therefore, a lot of men buy these and hide them from their mostly unimpressed female companions and wear them out to the pub. This will get them a fair few jeers from their mates, but more often than not it will be referred to as harmless banter and a conversation starter outside of football season. The jokes are often quite amusing to men but may be rather offensive to the elderly and to the women population, but that does not stop this type of naughty Christmas sweater simply falling off the shelves at the holiday season.

So, when you are looking for a Christmas sweater to wear out to the pub or to wear on a special night, you may want to try searching for a naughty Christmas sweater specifically. I’m sure, with the amount out there, you are bound to find one that suits you!