Naughty Christmas Sweaters

Frosty the Nose Thief

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Here we have a fine example of what you get when mixing naughty with Christmas. There are two snowmen here, but one has two carrots, and the other seems to be missing one. Don’t poke me!

Reindeer Games Sweater

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Looks like there is a team effort on this one. You will see reindeer mating on the front, back and sleeves of this naughty christmas sweater.

Reindeer Games Cardigan (Red)

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Get all the same humour as the Double Date sweater, but with more flexibility as there is a row of front buttons to undue when your belly gets all full of egg nog.

Naughty Minage A Trois

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This reindeer sweater will speak for itself. The funnest part of wearing these sweaters is the reaction on people’s faces when they didn’t first realize it was a naughty sweater.

His and Hers Jumpsuits

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Looking for a naughty his and her’s setup for this christmas party season? Then you can’t miss these matching naughty jumpsuits with reindeer humping all over them.

Reindeer Games Cardigan (White)

Buy a White Reindeeer Double Date Christmas Cardigan

And here we have the white version of the Double Date sweater. You will notice that the reindeer stand out a bit more and this shirt offers a brighter alternative.

Well people, its time yet again to take the dirtiest concepts of our lovely holiday season and put them on sweaters and jumpers to be worn by all. This year we see a vast array of sweaters taking advantage of novelty items such as carrots for snowmen and the all-powerful mounting stance of a reindeer. In case you’re asking yourself “who sells naughty Christmas sweaters?” we’ve got a few answers for you right here.

The first on our list is the Skedouche signature Reindeer Threesome sweater (featuring Roudolf). You can see he’s having a wild old time in the middle of a reindeer love sandwich, I’ll bet his nose have never been so red before. What I really like about this sweater is that it’s an innovator. This was the first truly naughty Christmas sweater to ever hit the mainstream – and the world has just fallen in love with them. I’m happy to say that here at we have a stock full of Adult Medium, Large and Extra Large Reindeer Threesome units available for sale.

The best thing about naughty Christmas sweaters is their subtlety. At first glance they seem like a regular holiday sweater, but once you’ve had a few moments to chat the wearer up you’ll start to notice that the reindeer are getting a little close. Upon further inspection you find that the reindeer aren’t just getting close, their actually mounting each other. And when Rudolph is the star of the party you know it’s going to be a great one. Black Santa is taking a seat for the one; it’s all about the reindeer on this dirty Christmas sweater.

Other novel ideas for naughty Christmas sweaters can be seen from the people at Tipsy Elves. They’ve put a smashing collection together for the 2012 season and I am happy to feature a variety of their units for sale here at You can see this dirty one has two snowmen, but one has been blessed with two carrots. One is where you would expect it, and the other isn’t!

Reindeer Threesome Sweater

More Naughty Sweaters

Frosty The Nose Thief

The Excited Snowman Sweater is in stock!

Link through to our store and grab yours today. They sell fast every year so buy yours early.

This hilarious addition to the Tipsy Elves family shows one snowman with one carrot too many. He’s stolen it from his friend on stage left, and left his friend frowning. The icing on the cake is the fact that Frosty the Nose Thief is poking his friend with his own carrot. It’s a funny and classic design that is sure to be a hit at your Christmas party.

Reindeer Double Date

The Reindeer Double Date is in Stock!

Enjoy the company of this Reindeer swingers party for your next holiday shindig.

Here we see a design similar to the Reindeer Threesome layout; however there are more reindeer involved in this party and it has been fittingly coined the “Reindeer Double Date”. Check out the party all over the front of this red and white sweater. The mounted reindeer are just given er, and there are even two observing reindeer on the sidelines. Holding a camera for all of the action? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Reindeer Conga Line

The Reindeer Conga Line is in Stock!

Be a part of the naughty holiday tradition with this classic conga line creation.

And last but not least we have the Reindeer Conga Line sweater, also made by Tipsy Elves. This classic green sweater is loaded with an Adult theme of an orgy – I mean conga line – of Reindeer. Fortunately the top of the sweater suggests that these reindeer are held inside the enchanted forest and are expecting some privacy from that. The stripes and the collar touches really add to this as well. It’s great to see naughty sweaters that have the care and attention of all of these units. They have been so very well designed and have changed the way Adults look at dirty Christmas sweaters forever.

These sweaters are no doubt suggestive, but still done in a very tasteful fashion. They leave the dirt up to your imagination really, these things become conversation pieces and the highlight of almost and sweater party one could attend. Despite the age groups, these sweaters have been found hilarious by the world over; many if not all of them have also been featured on national television in the USA and Canada. Do you think we’ll end up competing with those Jumpers coming out of the UK? I do. As long as we’ve got innovators like these guys around we’ll be on top of the naughty sweater game for years to come.