Lighted Griswold House Christmas Sweater

Let’s start with this marvellous piece from Festified, the “Christmas Vacation Lighted Griswold House Sweater”. As you may recall, Clark W. Griswold and his son Russ spent the cold, dry afternoon untangling 20,000 twinkle light bulbs in preparation to cover every square inch of the house. In the progress, Clark managed to staple himself to a gutter, only to pull himself free and send an ice torpedo straight across the yard in to Todd and Margo’s posh pad. Once they we’re finally done, Clark brought the entire family out to show them all the lights a shining. To his disappointment, it didn’t quite work.

Lighted Griswold House Christmas Sweater

The cables connected, but the juice wasn’t flowing. Despite having nearly 200 wires plugged in via a series of plug adapters, Clark’s wife, Ellen, managed to hit the light switch in the shed while getting something out of the deep freezer… and viola! 20,000 lights a twinkling… only to cause a temporary brown out in the greater Chicago area. Now you can reminisce over this movie magic with your friends and family by wearing the “Christmas Vacation Lighted Griswold House Sweater”. A sure fire hit for anyone who appreciates the magic of the Griswolds, and that of a light up Christmas sweater at the same time. Don’t worry, no untangling is necessary, the LED lights are neatly adhered to the sweater, all you need to do is hit a switch to start the magic!

Shitter Was Full Christmas Sweater

We all remember when good ol Cousin Eddy rolled his great monstrosity of an RV into town. I’ll never forget his story about how it happened. “We invested in a worm farm and the whole thing went belly up. I owed my partner some money, so, he took my house… I took the RV”. Not long after that story Clark wakes up to look out his window only to find Cousin Eddy pumping his septic tank in to the storm drain. Here comes the line that inspired this entire Christmas sweater… Cousin Eddy looks over at Clark and does a cheers motion with his moose head coffee cup while coining the phrase “Shitter was Full!” to which Clark Replied, “Ah, Ellen, have you checked our Shitter recently?”. Surely I’m not the only one who can remember these famous quotes verbatim, and I suppose that’s why the imaginative folds at Festified have blessed us with the “Shitter Was Full Chrismtas Sweater”. Sure it doesn’t light up, but after all, sparks near the storm drain have proven rather hazardous.
Griswold Shitter was Full Christmas Sweater
Christmas Vacation is a truly timeless movie that most people who’ve seen it once could watch over and over again. Even since I was introduced to the sheer wit and hilarity of this movie I’ve watched it at least twice every holiday season. Naturally, I was excited enough to see a huge selection of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Christmas sweaters come about for the 2015 holiday season.

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