Men’s Christmas Vacation ‘Kiss My A**’ Moose Mug Sweater (Red)


Available sizes shown in store.


Surely we all remember the scene in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation where Clark W. Griswold is feeling under-appreciated in the work place. Even though Clark’s latest non-nutritional cereal varnish is helping the company to set record sales, Clark can’t seem to get any respect from his co-workers.

However, Clark knows better than to take his esteemed Moose Mug in to the workplace. Begrudgingly, Clark addresses a line of yes-men parading behind his boss with lovely lines such as “Merry Christmas”, “Merry Christmas”, “Kiss my ass”, “Kiss his ass”, and “Happy Hanukkah”.

He prefers to cradle it at home to keep his nerves at bay in dealing with cousin Randy. When you’ve got to hear things like “You Serious Clark?” and “Save the Neck for me Clark“, Clark will need plenty of eggnog refills in his moose mug.