LED Lighted Fireplace Sweater

LED Lighted Fireplace Sweater


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Here’s another instant classic brought to you by the good people at Festifed. Here we have a novelty LED lighted Christmas sweater with all sorts of things going on inside. We’ll start with the top – it’s got a fluffy Santa style collar that is wide enough to slip a turtleneck under or wear a collared shirt with.

Moving to the center we have the lovely “Merry Christmas” message spanned across the top of the fireplace in a comical font. On the top of the fireplace is a nice swirly green mantle accented with multi-colored dots. Three stockings are also hanging from the mantle. The awesome thing about these stockings is that they aren’t knitted in, rather they are sewn in at the top and hang as their own separate entities.

The fireplace itself is a classic white build with wooden slots running left to right along the top. There are also two vertical beams, one on each side. The fireplace itself sits atop a nice green skirt with white bordering. At the bottom we see the same frilly white material shown in the collar, but surrounding the base of the sweater to enhance the tacky factor.

Here’s the best part about this festive holiday sweater – it lights up in different stages mimicking an actual fire within the fireplace. There are three stages of lights:

  • Surrounding base lights, these are always on
  • Mid tear lights, these are intermittent and simulate a flickering flame
  • The top lights, further enhancements to the lighted atmosphere

This sweater is a real winner and is sure to set you apart at any Christmas party. Enhancements such as the LED lights built in will have the party roaring for more, pun intended. You’ll glow up the whole scene with this festive beauty.

We love the creativity and simplicity represented in this piece. The history of the fireplace with hanging stockings is a wholesome family memory at Christmas time. The stuffed stockings that hang from the mantle are just hilarious – especially since they are actually hanging off the front of the sweater instead of being knitted in as a design. Furthermore, The multi-stage LED lights are a wonderful touch. It’s rare that a Christmas sweater has different effects available for the lights. Typically they are all flashing, flickering or solid only and it’s a very seldom occurrence to have them all partying together. We anticipate this to be one of the best Christmas sweaters of 2012 and highly recommend getting your mittens on one well before the party while they’re still available in all sizes.

The LED Lighted Fireplace Front and Back


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October 29, 2012