He-Man She-Ra Christmas Sweater

He-Man She-Ra Christmas Sweater


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If you were a child of the eighties, it is likely that you will remember the hit that was He-Man. The character originally came about as an action figure aimed at children- a final success for the company after years of failed toys and complete flops in business all over the place. The toys were immensely popular, as part of the Masters of the Universe series, and sometimes it was even seen to be a reference to the popular Conan series. Since it was declared as similar to Conan the Barbarian, Conan Properties did sue the makers of He-Man. However, the lawsuit was a flop and He-Man and the rest of the Masters of the Universe lived on for a longer reign. Since this, there have been mini comics and a whole television escapade featuring the hero that is He-Man and he became quite popular with all ages.

Prince Adam, He-Man’s alter ego, was a strong man with a love of adventure. He is fun-loving and carefree and does not believe it when a random sorceress tells him that it is destiny to become something name ‘He-Man’. In fact, he refuses to believe it up until he is forced to perform his hero duties when his father is threatened. As He-Man he is able to grow as a person but sadly can not show this while being himself for fear he will spoil his secret identity, which really ruins his love life but, then again, heroes have it rough. Prince Adam also has a sister called Princess Adora, who becomes She-Ra, another powerful hero. He-Man’s arch nemesis comes in the form of a yellow skull faced magician named Skeletor who is hinted to be his own uncle. This sorcerer is followed constantly by a group of henchmen and provides the biggest threat to He-Man and his friends and family.

A special episode, only every aired once, was released in time for Christmas 1985, showing He-Man and his crew celebrating Christmas. This episode shows that even villains like Skeletor can participate in the Christmas spirit along with the heroes such s He-Man and She-Ra as he helps a bunch of children along wit their festivities. Despite only being aired once, this episode was so popular that nowadays, there is even a Christmas sweater made for it, The He-Man She-Ra Christmas faux sweater. A great way to remember the eighties!


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November 6, 2012

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