Griswold ‘Save The Neck For Me Clark’ Sweater

Griswold ‘Save The Neck For Me Clark’ Sweater


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When it’s time to settle in with your extended family to bask over a dreadfully dehydrated turkey, maybe the salvation you seek is within the neck. If you’re cousin Eddy (Randy Quaid), then “Save the neck for me” is a statement that only comes naturally. Just imaging pouring the gravy our of the boat and all aboard a goose-neck, sitting on your plate and satisfying your carnivorous urges.

Now, imaging indulging in a delicious turkey next while wearing this fantastic Griswold Christmas sweater. For the next time a family member of yours decides to leave the turkey in the oven until it becomes a hollow fire-hazard, you’ve got the perfect ice-breaking one liner. If only the Griswold family had an Ihop nearby, it sure managed to save Tim Allen in the “Santa Claus” when his turkey was overdone.


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October 26, 2015