Griswold Family Christmas Sweater

Griswold Family Christmas Sweater


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The National Lampoon’s series of movies are popular warning stories about the dangers of family vacations. From the original National Lampoon’s Vacation to the sequels of European Vacation and Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold leads his family on an increasingly crazy series of adventures. And now, you can recapture the magic of National Lampoon’s by wearing this fantastic Griswold Family Christmas Sweater.

This sweater depicts one of the most iconic moments from the third National Lampoon’s movie, Christmas Vacation. During that movie, Clark Griswold and his family struggle to pull off the perfect Christmas. Clark falls off his roof while attempting to string up lights and, in an effort to find the perfect Christmas tree, Clark loads his family into the station wagon and throws a massive Christmas tree on top.

Many people have seen the National Lampoon’s movies and all of these people will appreciate your Christmas sweater. It’s a simple but effective joke that will evoke memories of Clark Griswold falling off rooftops while only attempting to give his family the best possible Christmas.

This Griswold Family Christmas Sweater features a simple white and red color scheme that will complement the rest of the Christmas colors at whatever Christmas party you attend. The words “Griswold Family Christmas” are emblazoned around the outside edges of the image while the iconic Griswold family station wagon and tree take center stage.

The Griswold family station wagon was actually created specifically for the National Lampoon’s series of movies. It’s not a real station wagon manufactured by any car company. Instead, it’s called a Wagon Queen Family Truckster. Although the station wagon is based on a Ford LTD Country Squire design, it has been modified to make it the ultimate family-mobile.

Whether you’re a fan of Chevy Chase, a fan of the National Lampoon’s movies, or just a fan of Christmas, there are plenty of good reasons to buy this Griswold Family Christmas Sweater. It’s sure to be a hit at your next Christmas sweater party because the sweater instantly reminds people of one of the funniest scenes in the movie.
Looking for a few more reasons to buy this Christmas sweater?

Reasons to buy this Griswold Family Christmas Sweater

A simple and effective color scheme: Some Christmas sweaters try to do too much when it comes to color. They feature clashing stripes and designs that end up making everything look messy. Sure, the sweater is ugly, but you want to look good in it too. That’s why the Griswold Family Christmas Sweater is popular – it has a simple red and white color scheme that will mesh well with other sweaters at whatever party you attend.

Great for ugly sweater parties and more: Ugly sweater parties are becoming more and more popular, and if you’re reading this page, then you’re probably preparing for an ugly sweater party. Yes, this sweater is ugly. But it’s not so ugly that you can’t wear it to other Christmas events. People will get a laugh out of the sweater wherever you go. Whether it’s a family event or a casual party at the office, it’s easy to appreciate this National Lampoon’s Christmas sweater.

Made from 100% quality cotton: Nobody wants to walk around wearing an itchy sweater all night. That’s why this sweater is made from 100% quality cotton. The cotton is breathable, which means you won’t be sweating uncontrollably all night, and it’s comfy, which means you won’t wake up with weird rashes the next day. Everyone wins.

Reasons not to buy the Clark Griswold Family Christmas Sweater

You haven’t seen the movies: Why are you even looking at this page?

You refuse to buy a Christmas sweater with fewer than four clashing colors: With only simple tones of red and white, this sweater favors style over ugliness. If you’re looking for sweaters with clashing colors, designs, and patterns, then check out some of the other options on our site.

You really like trees: If you’re an environmentalist, then the scene depicted on this sweater may not be funny at all. Instead, it depicts the gruesome murder and theft of a Christmas tree from nature. If that’s how you feel, I advise against buying this sweater.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is one of the world’s classic holiday movies. It might not have the same heartwarming feeling of Miracle on 34th Street or The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, but it’s still a beautiful tale of the power of family during the holiday season. If you want to make people laugh at your next Christmas party and offer a good ice breaker, then this Clark Griswold Family Christmas Sweater is an excellent option.



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November 13, 2013

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