Frosty The Nose Thief

Frosty The Nose Thief


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Let’s take a minute to check out one of the most famous Christmas sweaters released by our friends at Tipsy Elves. Frosty the Nose Thief is an excellent naughty sweater for him or her that is assured to get some laughs at the sweater party.

There is an assortment of detailed and differently sized snowflakes on this beautiful knit sweater. Most of them are near the top and offer a nice contrast against the rich blue. Some other snowflakes have been staggered along the base of the sleeves, just before where the blue and the gray meet.

On the feature portion of this sweater you will find two snowmen facing each other. They’re both wearing black hats with green and red checkers on the inside that nicely compliment the striped scarves each of them are wearing around their necks. Of course, both of them have the traditional twig arms and three descending in size snowballs as their bases. Both of them have eyes made out of coal and a row of coal buttons that follow from top to bottom on the uppermost snowballs for each of them.

Here’s the twist on this festive holiday sweater, only one snowman is equipped with the ever so famous carrot. As a matter of fact, he’s holding two of them. Now we have a perfect explanation as to why the snowman stage left has a frown on his face. The only way he could turn that frown upside down would be to somehow get the carrot back from his friend. That’s rather unlikely given the naughty placement of the stolen carrot; it’s too far down on his friend to be able to reach it with his feeble twig arms.

We really think that Tipsy Elves has hit a home run with this naughty Chirstmas sweater. It’s got a broad focal point and like many other naughty sweater’s they’ve put out it is innocent at first glance yet hilarious at second. This sweater would be a fantastic conversation starter at any Christmas party and has potential to be worn for ancillary Christmas events such as family dinners, gift openings and even Christmas day brunch. A must have for this holiday season, this is one of our favourite pieces and it’s an incredibly hot seller. Take this opportunity to buy yours now while they’re still in stock.

Frosty the Nose Thief Front and Back


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October 19, 2012