Death Star Christmas Sweater

Death Star Christmas Sweater


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The Death Star plays a central role in the Star Wars movies. And now, you can display the Death Star proudly on your chest as you march around an ugly xmas sweater party.

But this isn’t just any Death Star sweater. No, this is a whole new type of Death Star sweater. Instead of just depicting a plain old boring Death Star, this sweater takes things to a ridiculous new dimension, where AT-ATs with reindeer horns guide a lightsaber wielding Sith towards his Death Star and the gift receivers within.

Why are the AT-ATs wearing reindeer horns? How does the Sith gentleman breathe in space? How is one small bag of toys going to satisfy an entire artificial planet filled with people? Let’s be honest: none of those questions really matter because this sweater is guaranteed to be a hit at any Christmas party you attend this holiday season – even if it’s not strictly an ugly xmas sweater party.

Let’s face it: this sweater is ugly. It’s ugly enough to make you popular at your next sweater party and be the guy that everybody wants to take pictures with. Whether you’re hanging out with Star Wars fans or ‘other people’, this Death Star Christmas sweater is something special.

If you still haven’t clicked that order button, here are a few more reasons to consider buying your Death Star Christmas sweater.

Reasons to buy the Death Star Christmas sweater

It’s ridiculously Christmas-y: There’s not a lot of Christmas in the Star Wars universe. That didn’t stop the designers of this sweater from pushing the Christmas-y meter past its limits. The AT-AT walkers are wearing reindeer horns. The stars behind the Death Star look like snowflakes. There’s a bag of gifts in the sleigh. The only thing this is missing is a Christmas tree, and I’m pretty sure those don’t exist in space. Don’t worry, you still get all the joys of a Star Wars Christmas sweater, since Darth Vader himself is guiding the sleigh.

Attention to detail: This isn’t your average Death Star Christmas sweater. No, this Christmas sweater has an even higher level of detail than normal. From the engines at the back of the sleigh to the careful shading of the Death Star, the creators of this sweater were serious about staying true to the Star Wars universe. That is, if the Star Wars universe celebrated Christmas.

You can’t beat that shade of blue: Most other people will be wearing a green or red Christmas sweater at your party. Why show up looking like everybody else? Stand out from the crowd and be proud of it by rocking this awesome shade of blue.

The first AT-AT has a red nose: Speaking of attention to detail, did you notice that the AT-AT at the front of the pack has a red nose? That makes him the Rudolph of the pack, and it’s this attention to detail that truly makes this the best Death Star Christmas sweater on the market this holiday season.

Everybody likes Star Wars: Star Wars is one of the most popular movie series in the world today. It has spawned multiple generations of fans and, in 2015, it’s about to spawn one more generation of fans thanks to the Disney-produced sequel trilogy. Everybody has seen or heard of Star Wars and most of those people have liked it. When you wear this sweater to a party, everybody will get your joke, everybody will laugh, and everybody will want a picture.

Reasons not to buy the Death Star Christmas sweater

You had friends on that Death Star: For some, the Death Star is a symbol of victory over the evil Galactic Empire. For others, the Death Star is a devastating reminder of the thousands of friends lost when Luke Skywalker destroyed it. If you’re in the latter category, this might not be the best sweater choice for you. Nobody likes to see someone cry at a Christmas party.

You’re uncomfortable seeing the Death Star in its fully armed and operational state: A fully armed and operational Death Star is a dangerous weapon. It’s a weapon that almost controlled the entire galaxy and wiped out the rebel forces. For some, seeing the Death Star in this state might make them uncomfortable. We encourage you to respect your fellow event attendees.

A good Christmas sweater has the right blend of ugly and funny. With this Death Star Christmas sweater, you’re getting the best of both worlds. From the flawless shade of blue to the emphatic pointing of the lightsaber guiding the reindeer-horn-clad AT-ATs forward, this Christmas sweater is sure to be a hit at your parties this holiday season.




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November 13, 2013