Crazy Elf Christmas Jumper

Crazy Elf Christmas Jumper


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One of the fairy stories that children are always told about is the story of Santa’s elves. Once your kids know about Santa and the reindeer, it is time to start this story and it is a classic favourite amongst kids of all ages. Mainly, Santa’s elves are little tiny men who help Santa make all the toys for the good boys and girls around the world. While Santa is working at stuff like checking his naughty list twice and having milk and cookies, the elves are hard at work making these toys- their abilities range from dolls houses to train sets and there seems to be no limit to what they can make in this day and age when kids want Nintendo DSs. But these elves aren’t slaves or anything- they are doing this job because they choose to. To an elf, making toys is their dream jobs and all they want to do is make children happy. So they work with a smile and a whistle.

Elves are stereotypically shown as men in a full green outfit. This consists of a green vest thing with green parachute pants and curled toe boots with bells on them. Sometimes they’ll wear a green pixie hat with them. Elves are always shown as loveable creatures and are almost always happy.

The cute thing about all of this though is that parents have the perfect excuse if their kids catch them putting the presents under the tree instead of Santa. Parents often masquerade as Christmas elves with the excuse ‘Santa is running late this time’ for why they are doing the delivery. It works like a charm and increases your children’s faith and wonder in them too as a bonus!

This Christmas sweater resembles the Christmas elf outfit and would be perfect to wear in case your child caught you, to make it look legitimate. The Crazy Elf Christmas Jumper is made to look like and elf’s costume- it is green with a red collar and a red sewn belt on it. There is also a candy cane and some assorted stitched in star buttons. The green is a dark forest green and the whole ensemble resembles any elf’s costume you will find in any picture book except in the form of a dorky Christmas sweater.

So, if you like Christmas elves as much as Santa and the children do, then you might want to purchase one of these sweaters- it is always good to have a back up plan when it comes to these kids!


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November 13, 2012

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