Today we’ll be taking a look at what we like to call “The Kitchen Sink”. There really isn’t much you won’t find on this Christmas monstrosity. We’ll start stage left in the top right corner where we’ll find a classy white snowflake. It has both thick and thin flake edges, because, as we all know, no two snowflakes are the same. Just beside classy snowflake you will find another, smaller and completely different one with no background at all. Make sense to you? It shouldn’t.

As we move down this hilarious Christmas sweater we see a reindeer howling at the falling snowflakes with a red background. The reindeer has a very artistic flare as you will see both white and red antlers and a white stitched border all around it. As we move further stage right we’ll find an elegant row of white snowflakes with a classic black background and more white stitched borders. Above this lovely row of classy snowflakes sits a Christmas tree in pot, with red accents along the ends of the branches.

Moving further down this sweater, we find stunning details amongst yet another four snowflakes. The somewhat match the design of the upper portion of the sweater, but not entirely as the black background snowflakes have no white stitching along the border, but the grey one does. What we find most hilarious about this vintage and tacky Christmas sweater is the complete disregard for coordination and style. An abstract kafuffle of greys, reds, greens, blacks and browns make this hilarious Christmas sweater one for the books.

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