Do it Yourself Christmas Sweaters

Sound Sensitive Sweater Lights

It’s time to get EXTEME for your Christmas Party and we have all the gear you need right here. We’re proud to introduce Light Up Christmas Sweater panels that are sound sensitive. So what does sound sensitive mean? It means that you put thee AAA batteries in a small clip […]

Christmas Sweater Strand Lights

Examples of Application Ready to take your Christmas sweater to the next level without breaking the bank? We’ve got the perfect solution for you right here with our LED Christmas sweater strand lights. They are incredibly light weight and super easy to install on any holiday sweater. They can also […]

Christmas Sweater Light Party Pack

So you want to make a scene at the sweater party? We’ve got you covered. We’re happy to introduce the DIY Christmas Sweater Light Kit Party Pack, just in time for the 2012 season. That’s 50 LED lights and 2 LED light panels in total for only $39.97 with FREE […]

How to Make a Christmas Sweater

Here we have cut out a quilt block, and it covers the entire front of the sweater. If you can’t find an appropriate quilt block, or don’t want to ruin a tacky Christmas quilt, just head down to your local fabric store. During the holiday season, most fabric stores have […]

How to add Lights to a Christmas Sweater

Add your lights in five easy steps! We’re pleased to present a full tutorial for adding lights to your ugly sweater right here, totally free of charge. Today we’re happy to provide the answer to the ever so asked question “How do I add lights to a Christmas sweater?” The […]

How to Make a Santa Hat Bikini Bottom

DIY Sexy Santa Hat Christmas Bikini Grab some Santa hats and a hot glue gun… this DIY project only takes about 10mins. Alright party people its time to take this ugly sweater thing seriously. Here we have the second part of our Santa hat Christmas Bikini series and it’s time […]

How to make a Santa Hat Bikini Top

Sexy Santa Hat Bikini – So Easy to Make! Get your hands on six Santa hats and follow our on screen instructions for a quick and easy DIY project. Today we will be showing you how to make a santa hat bikini top. You will require one sweater or upper […]

How to Make a Santa Hat Power Fist

Make Your Own Power Fist! Follow our free video instructions and make your very own DIY Santa Hat Powerfist. Today we’ll be showing you how to turn an average, everyday Santa Hat into a POWER FIST. We will start by folding the hat inside out and massaging it flat. Next, […]